It's likely going to cost many New York State drivers a lot of money to help make New York City a "global leader."

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is applauding the MTA for voting to advance congestion pricing.

MTA Votes To Advance Congestion Pricing

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Governor Hochul says the MTA's preliminary approval of the congestion pricing plan is a critical step forward.

“Congestion pricing means cleaner air, better transit and less gridlock on New York City's streets and today's vote by the MTA Board is a critical step forward," Hochul said in a statement.

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1st-In-The-Nation Congestion Pricing Program Moving Forward In New York State

Toll Booth Workers
Toll Booth Workers

The plan calls for at least a $15 toll to drive past 60th Street in New York City.

"The proposal approved today heeds my call to lower the toll rate by nearly 35 percent from the maximum rate originally considered. This initiative will make New York City a global leader in transportation policy, and I'm grateful for the work of the Traffic Mobility Review Board to bring us to this milestone," Hochul added.

Driving at night, between the hours of 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. will save drivers 75 percent of the proposed toll.

Congestion Pricing Details Must Be Worked Out But Hudson Valley Drivers May Have to Pay New York Another Crazy Tax

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Discount Price If Crossing Some Crossings

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Passenger Vehicles will get $5 off if drivers cross into New York City by way of the Holland, Lincoln, Queens, and Battery tunnels.

Plan Omits George Washington Bridge

However, the plan notably omits the George Washington Bridge. That means drivers who enter Manhattan via the George Washington Bridge must pay $15 to drive past 60th Street.

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EZ-Pass drivers pay $12.75 to cross the GW Bridge during off-peak hours and $14.75 during peak hours. It costs $17 for tolls by mail.

Many Sound Off On MTA's Congestion Pricing Plan

This week many voiced their opinions of the congestion pricing plan at an MTA board meeting.

Some expressed disappointment and concern over the proposed plan to charge drivers $15 who head south of 60th Street.

Others told the MTA they want officials to pass the plan as soon as possible to help ease traffic in New York City, help the environment, and raise billions of dollars for the MTA.

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The MTA will soon hold public hearings on congestion pricing, as required by state law. The date of the public hearings hasn't been announced but they could start in February.

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