Earlier this week, multiple New York Police Departments began a massive search for a criminal suspect. The manhunt for the suspect was initiated following a police chase that led to a wrong-way crash that occurred on I-87 outside of The Bronx on Wednesday night.

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The Chase for the Suspect Begins

The eventful night for local police began on Wednesday night at the Cross County Shopping Center in Mount Vernon, New York. Reports state that Police arrived at the shopping center for a larceny call after someone reported a stolen laptop. Police were able to track the stolen laptop to a location in the shopping centers parking garage. Once found, the suspect, identified as a male in a Jeep Cherokee with Connecticut license plates fled the scene.

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The act of fleeing the scene now meant that the chase was on, though it didn't last long. During the chase, the suspect entered the northbound lane to I-87 driving in the wrong direction. Police quickly reengaged and made their way to the southbound lane to follow the suspect.

A New York State Thruway/I-87 road sign.
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Police would cross into the Bronx and upon arrival would encounter the scene of a two-car collision, one of the cars being the same Jeep Cherokee, the other vehicle was a Honda Accord with two passengers inside. The two passengers a Bronx man and woman were injured in the collision and both were taken to Jacobi Medical Center where they were listed in stable condition.

An ambulance responds to the scene of an emergency.

The Search for Connecticut Suspect Continues

Following the collision, the suspect fled the scene on foot and in the direction of Van Cortlandt Park. By this point in time, NYPD had already been alerted to the situation and joined the search for the suspect. Police helicopters were deployed to the area and continued the search from the skies.

The helicopter in airfield

Despite the heavy level of police presence, the suspect has managed to remain in hiding. In the report from News 12: Westchester, it was stated that Yonkers Police have been able to identify the suspect, though at this time they are not releasing his name.


The investigation and the search for the suspect is still ongoing with both the Yonkers Police Department and NYPD in pursuit. One can imagine that this suspect when captured, will be facing a whole laundry list of charges.

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