Consider this a friendly warning; You do not want to go out to eat this week.

It happens every year. Without fail, countless Hudson Valley residents will decide to go out to their favorite restaurant for a relaxing bite to eat and realize that they've made a terrible mistake.

Don't Even Think of Eating Out in the Hudson Valley This Week

There are many popular restaurants in the Hudson Valley that can get quite busy, especially on a Friday or Saturday night. While many suggest reservations, chances are usually pretty good that you can still grab a table for two as long as you don't mind waiting for a bit. This weekend that will most likely not be the case as most restaurants are already booked solid.

Even if you can get a reservation, you may want to consider changing your plans. Restaurants will be packed to the gills with families and visitors from all over the country for what many call a "perfect storm" of circumstances that will make dining out more of a hassle than it may be worth.

Poughkeepsie restaurant

Why You Should Avoid Eating Out in the Hudson Valley This Week

Most local residents are blissfully unaware that this weekend will be one of the busiest times of the year for restaurant workers. You can blame it all on three major graduations that are happening within a 4-mile radius over the course of three days.

Poughkeepsie, New York restaurants will be full of proud parents and terrified graduates who will be dining out for their last meal before being thrown out into the real world. On Friday, Dutchess Community College will be holding its commencement at the MJN Convention Center in the City of Poughkeepsie. Saturday will see Marist students celebrating their graduation with families and on Sunday, Vassar College will hold its ceremonies for underclassmen.

Poughkeepsie New York

The DCC ceremonies begin at 4pm. While the families of these students are mostly local, they're still expected to fill up tables at restaurants in the surrounding area. They will also be joined by many out-of-state families who are in town for the Marist and Vassar ceremonies over the weekend.

If you do decide that you still want to brave the crowd and head out to eat this weekend, remember to bring your patience with you.  Restaurant workers will be doing their best to deal with hell week.

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