Troubling news recently has come to light regarding an incident tended to by New Rochelle Police last week. The incident started with a report worthy of investigation which then lead to a startling discovery that then lead to an arrest.

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Details Regarding New Rochelle Police Investigation

On Friday September 15, New Rochelle police responded to a report that a "deceased body" had been seen inside the third floor of a multifamily home located on Franklin Avenue. When police arrived on the scene, they confirmed the report to be true as the deceased body of a female victim was found at the residence.


While little information regarding the victim has been released at this point, according to the press release from the New Rochelle Police Department, the victim was described as being in her 20's. The press release also stated that Detectives quickly arrived to the scene and began an investigation. Detectives then developed some early leads which they began to pursue.

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Detectives identified a person of interest, and began work under the assumption that this individual and the victim were roomates at the residence. The person of interest was soon tracked down and was found at a hotel located in Elmsford, NY. The person of interest was identified as 40 year old, Kenya M. Tilford, of New Rochelle, NY. Tilford was then taken into police custody without any incident.


Current Status of New Rochelle Police Murder Investigation

After being taken into custody, Tilford's status as a person of interest was upgraded to suspect in the investigation of the victim's death and has been charged. Tilford has been formally charged with "Murder in the Second Degree" as well as "Concealment of Human Corpse".

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For those interested, if one were to be found guilty of these felony crimes they would be facing some serious time behind bars. A second degree murder charge by itself carries a minimum 15-40 year sentence but if found guilty, life behind bars could also apply. The penalty for concealment of corpse can vary, one may face up to four years behind bars but could also be subject to probation, fines or community service.

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New Rochelle Police are treating this case as an active investigation. New Rochelle Police are also looking to the community for help in the investigation. If anyone has information regarding this case they are asked to call New Rochelle PD at 914-654-2300. Lastly, the official press release goes on to acknowledge the work and assistance into this investigation.

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