A supposed photo of Taylor Swift and her rumored NFL star beau Travis Kelce getting off a plane together has gone viral, but it's totally phony.

The image, which purportedly shows Swift and Kelce deboarding a plane in Jacksonville, Fla., ahead of the player's Sept. 17 Kansas City Chiefs game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, was widely shared on social media, where it went viral on Facebook, Twitter and more.

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The image, however, is fake and Photoshopped.

While the part of the image featuring Kelce is indeed real, as can be seen in the actual footage of him deboarding his plane while wearing the same outfit, below, the part including Swift is actually pulled from a photo of her outside her apartment in New York City back in July 2018.

The photo of Swift wearing an off-the-shoulder white blouse and jean shorts can be found on Getty Images.

Elle magazine even featured the very same picture of Swift in an article about her best looks, and PopSugar has it on their website as well.

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Not everyone on social media was fooled by the viral Photoshopped image, however.

"One of my coworkers (who is always wrong about things and believes everything on the internet lmao) said something about Taylor and Travis Kelce getting off the plane together in Jacksonville… I knew it was wrong and definitely photoshopped immediately but just looked up and..." one user captioned their post about the viral pic.

"Not my boyfriend sending me an OBVIOUS photshopped picture of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift 'arriving at Jacksonville' together, thinking it was real. I think he's shipping them together more than he wants to admit," another user tweeted.

Rumors of a relationship between the pop star and NFL tight end started swirling earlier this month when a report surfaced that the pair have been "quietly hanging out."

Prior to her reported relationship with Kelce, Swift was spotted with Matty Healy of The 1975 after ending her longtime relationship with Joe Alwyn.

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