A woman is upset after her bride-to-be sister chose a wedding venue that isn't accessible for her wheelchair-using husband, Brad.

"Brad is a paraplegic. He was in a car accident when he was 21. He has since his accident went back to school and currently works as a university professor. He is super independent and possibly the best man I could ever [have] married," the bride's sister wrote on Reddit.

When the bride picked a "heritage building" for her chosen venue, her sister told her it wouldn't be wheelchair accessible.

"She rolled her eyes and said, 'The world doesn’t revolve around Brad, it’s not his day! It’s mine.' I said I understand but I’m not leaving him behind then. She started screaming that I’m trying to steal attention because everyone will ask where the bride’s sister is," the woman continued.

When the bride's fiancé suggested they have the "ceremony at the heritage building but have the reception at another venue so that way Brad can join us," the bride-to-be rejected the idea.

"I talked to Brad, he thinks I should go and he and my daughter can have a daddy/daughter date and he will take care of her (it’s a child-free wedding and we were initially going to ask Brad’s mom to watch my daughter). He thinks it’s not a big deal and I should just go and enjoy the wedding," she continued.

However, she feels bad for leaving her husband behind and doesn't want to attend the wedding now.

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Users in the comments slammed the bride for excluding her sister's husband.

"It’s well within her rights to have her wedding wherever she wants. It’s also within your rights to decline her invitation because you don’t want to exclude your husband. That her fiancé was willing to change venues for the reception but she refused is what makes her the [a--hole]. If she cared about your attendance, that would be a great way of having the best of both worlds," one person wrote.

"I can't help but wonder if your sister didn't specifically pick that location because she doesn't want your husband there. As crazy as people are getting about their wedding having a specific 'look' maybe she doesn't think he would fit into hers. Stay home with your husband and daughter and do something fun as a family that day. Who cares if people ask why you're not there? That's her problem, not yours," another commented.

"It's very telling that her response to you not going is 'what will people think?' instead of that she wants you to be there because you're her sister. I personally would not go, especially as she also turned down her partner's suggestion to make the reception accessible. Is it not his wedding too?" someone else shared.

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