A mom was furious with her husband after he didn't allow their daughter to have her "princess moment."

"Last weekend my wife’s family had a huge reunion with many people (including us) coming from out of state. During the reunion, they had several cookouts and during one of these cookouts, a deer came out of the woods and walked right up to the group. Almost everyone was ecstatic and crowded around the deer to pet and take pictures with it. I was the lone exception," the man wrote on Reddit.

He explained that he had never seen a deer before and thought "it was odd that a wild animal would just walk up to a group of people."

"I also didn’t trust that it wouldn’t get spooked and start kicking. When my wife picked up our very young daughter to go pet the deer, I told her that it was dangerous and she shouldn’t. She told me that it’s alright but I was persistent. We ended up arguing while walking toward the deer and when we were close to it, I snatched our daughter out of her arms and walked off," the man recalled.

His actions ruined the "rest of the reunion" as his wife's family slammed him for "being dramatic."

"My wife said that I ruined a Snow White moment for our daughter. We didn’t talk to each other on the flight home and have barely spoken since then. Admittedly I know nothing about deer outside of what I’ve seen on TV and movies and even then I tend to ignore them in those settings so I could have overreacted," he continued.

He added that he believes "it’s better to be safe than sorry" when it comes to his daughter's health and safety.

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Users rallied behind the man in the comments, with many explaining how dangerous deer can be.

"Deer can gore people. Rutting season is especially unsafe. It’s rare but it could have ended very poorly," one person wrote.

"If your wife wants your daughter to have a princess moment, she needs to either secure an arranged marriage to cement alliances with another country, or take her to Disneyland," another user commented.

"Deer have INSANELY sharp hooves, they rear up on their hind legs and kick with them. Deer are wild animals, that deer had a crowd of people around it. There is NO telling if this deer was going to rear and kick. You protected your child, when all the other adults were hellbent on their social media moments. Kudos to you. Your daughter can play Snow White when she's old enough to understand the dangers of approaching wild animals," someone else shared.

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