A man on Reddit was shocked after discovering his ex-girlfriend destroyed his credit score by opening numerous accounts in his name after they broke up.

"From what I can tell, she opened the accounts using my name and social security number about a year after we broke up. I hadn’t spoken with her that entire year and she never had permission to do this," the man began.

He discovered what his ex-girlfriend had done when he went to buy a car and the finance department showed him a copy of his credit report.

"The interest rate I was going to get was terrible so I held off. They told me my rate would drop significantly once I got the accounts off my credit report. I ended up challenging both accounts with all of the credit bureaus but none of them took it off, all saying they need more information," he continued.

The man also reached out to his ex to try to get her to contact the companies and tell them that she opened the accounts, to no avail.

"She finally left me a voicemail telling me to grow up and just pay the accounts off because when we broke up she had to leave my house. I finally got to talk with her on the phone and said that wasn’t my problem and she just said, 'Looks like it is your problem,' and hung up," he recalled.

The man hasn't talked to his ex since and knows that she "has no intention of taking responsibility for the bills."

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Users in the comments urged the man to contact the authorities to report his ex.

"File a police report. This is identity theft. Then sue in small claims. Then claim fraud with your credit reports and they will remove them with the police report," one person wrote.

"Report her and use the voicemail she left you and before you report her see if you can get a 100 percent recording of her admitting to opening them," another commented.

"Report it to the police. It's identity theft. After you have that police report in hand, go to your bank, afterwards call the electric company and the Internet company. Most of the time they won't do anything unless you show them a police report that proves you are pressing charges. She can grow up," someone else advised.

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