Ever wonder how Tinker Bell gets to the top of the castle at Disney World? A TikToker has unveiled the magic behind how Tinker Bell flies over the crowd from Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom.

For guests at Walt Disney World, one of the nighttime highlights is seeing a lit-up Tinker Bell fly over the crowd during the nightly fireworks show. Tink begins her flight from a spire on the iconic castle and ends over at Tomorrowland Terrace.

TikTok user @_Disney._Stuff_ shared a video with photos revealing the behind the scenes area Tink must access to get to the top of the castle, as well as the flying contraption that transports her. As it turns out, the character has to climb up a tall ladder inside the spire to reach a top window, where she begins her flight.

According to Inside the Magic, Tink begins her flight at 189 feet up in the air and travels at 30 miles an hour. The 30-second trip involves numerous cast members assisting her with the tethers and landing, which reportedly involves mats and more tethers.

Watch below:

So, how does one get the prestigious role playing the beloved fairy?

According to PopSugar, the person playing Tink has to be between 95 and 115 pounds, and between 4 feet and 11 inches and 5 feet and 2 inches. The person can be any gender as long as they look like the fairy from Pixie Hollow.

The character is re-evaluated on a regular basis to make sure they fit the criteria and the costume, which reportedly weighs 70 pounds. The outlet also reports that the character makes $500 per flight.

According to WDW Magazine, the first Tinker Bell flew on a cable line in 1961. However, the first flight at Walt Disney World Resort in Magic Kingdom took place in 1985 during a holiday show.

The very first Tinker Bell to fly at Disneyland over Sleeping Beauty's Castle was Tiny Kline, who was just 4 feet and 10 inches, and 98 pounds. The best part? She was 71 years old at the time!

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