So, a couple years ago I shared this College Humor video on Facebook, and it came back up in my memories. The video, which you can watch below, is talking about how no one needs a menu for Chinese food. Chinese restaurants all offer practically the same thing, and that no one strays from their typical order. No matter how curious you might be to try something new one day, you will always go for the same old thing you've been getting for years. When was the last time you tried something new on the menu? For the last 20 years, my go-to order has been Chicken with Broccoli, which comes with a side of rice, and a shrimp roll. Occasionally I'll get a Chicken Soup or some Lo Mein, but otherwise, it's always the same thing. The last time I ordered Chinese food, I also got a side of dumplings, but that was in addition to my typical order.

But just because menus are typically the same, that does not mean that the quality of food or the service are the same. For instance, my dad would rather travel 10 extra minutes to go to this one Chinese restaurant than order from one that is only 3 minutes away from our house. That is dedication to take quality over convenience.

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According to Google, these are among the best Chinese Food places around the Poughkeepsie area. Did we miss your favorite spot? What is your go-to meal? Let us know on the app or on our social media pages.

Best Chinese Food Near Poughkeepsie, NY According to Google

Just doing this article, I am having major cravings for Chinese food! You're probably going to see me at once of these places for a late lunch today.

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What Is The Oldest Chinese Restaurant In New York State?

Nom Wah Tea Parlor opened in 1920. This has the honor of being the oldest continuously running restaurant in the Chinatown of Manhattan in New York City.

The restaurant serves Hong Kong style dim-sum and is currently located at 13 Doyers Street in Manhattan."

Take the trip to New York City and enjoy. Here's a look at some of the amazing food:

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