All New York City playgrounds are now closed.

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On Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo once again complained that young New Yorkers are not following social distancing guidelines. After warning for days if people didn't listen he would have to close New York City playgrounds, he did so Wednesday afternoon.

"We are going to close down New York City playgrounds and leave open spaces available," Cuomo said during his press conference on Wednesday.

Cuomo isn't forcing playgrounds elsewhere in New York because Cuomo said there isn't the same "density upstate as there is downstate."

Cuomo noted the density is still too high and is still too dangerous.

With high compliance of social distancing, or minimal, the peak of the virus in New York will be at the end of April, according to Cuomo, with some cases still arriving in early July.

However, practicing social distancing will determine how many COVID beds and ventilators New York hospitals need.

A model from Bill Gate's organization suggests nearly 100,000 Americans will die from coronavirus and 16,000 New Yorkers.

In the Hudson Valley, New Windsor and the Town of Poughkeepsie has already closed playgrounds.

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